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Thought's on Self Value

Raise your standards!

Before doing anything, or making any decisions I ask myself one question... And that question is this;

"If I were a person with love for myself, what would I do?"

Every choice thereafter becomes about valuing myself and raising my standards to create happiness and my best possible future and also insures that others are held to this standard in how they treat me. It means I don't, and I won't accept anything less than what a person with love for themselves would expect. It's a powerful thought process that creates a shift in patterns and consciousness. This question forces me to only make choices that honour me. This question forces me to love myself and treat myself kindly. Something I struggled to do for a long time.

Are you a person with love for yourself?


Alicia Pavlis is a writer, actor, musician, filmmaker, photographer, visual artist, and content producer. She is passionate about progressive topics and is also an advocate for mental health awareness. All writing, artwork and content expressed on this site are Alicia's own views and intellectual property, protected by Australian copyright law, reproduction, distribution or publication without Alicia Pavlis' permission is prohibited.

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Nicola C
Nicola C
10 thg 9, 2021

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