Dear Beautiful Man...

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

An open letter to the men who are doing an amazing job on their personal development journey...

"Gods, Goddesses and Men" - part of the Celestial Feels illustration series by Alicia Pavlis

Dear beautiful, beautiful man,

I know that this world has taught you to be things and do things in a certain way, to hold back your emotion, to hide your vulnerability, and in this state of withholding, you may have been forced to live within toxic behaviours and attitudes that have hurt you, and hurt others.

I know that you were only being what you were taught to be, and now that you can see the dark side of what society has taught you, this causes distress deep within you that you're too afraid to show.

A stark light is being shone upon the past and all of the things that have transpired, you may feel shame, guilt and regret, towards yourself and other men. But darling man, you are not the past, you are not who you have been, you are who you are right now, and who you choose to be from now on.

There is forgiveness waiting on the other side of this. Forgiveness from others, but most importantly, forgiveness from yourself. So let the turmoil surface, let the rage escape you, let it be released and free yourself to experience who you truly are at your core, a powerful masculine energy who is also vulnerable and open. Allow yourself the space to heal to find that you are a perfect balance of masculine and feminine, with no shame and no fear of expressing your truth.

Beautiful man, I want to hold you and tell you that everything you feel is valid, that everything you are is enough. You're safe to feel everything your heart is holding back, this new world welcomes your beauty and your strength, your sadness and your fear. Sweet divine masculine, navigating your heart and the shadow actions of the men that came before you is no easy feat, especially when you have been taught to lock it away and shut it down for so long. Please know that you are loved, supported, respected and admired for your courage through this battle to find and honour your balance. Your true self.

You know me. I am the feminine within you. A nurturing and gentleness that yearns to be heard, that longs to be seen. The two desire to coexist and intertwine. You are not incomplete, you never have been. Let your tears fall on me. I am the part of you that loves you unconditionally.

The healed feminine within you will show you the light you've always been, and when you are ready to embrace me, I will be here, and I will stay with you forever and always, until the end, because to me, you are a God among men. #menshealth #personaldevelopment #growth #selfcare #mindbody #masculine #feminine #spiritualgrowth #upliftment #selfexpression #boundaries #creativewriting #solidarity #supportnetwork


Alicia Pavlis is a writer, actor, musician, filmmaker, photographer, visual artist, and content producer. She is passionate about progressive topics and is also an advocate for mental health awareness. All writing, artwork and content expressed on this site are Alicia's own views and intellectual property, protected by Australian copyright law, reproduction, distribution or publication without Alicia Pavlis' permission is prohibited.

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