All it takes is a little adjustment...

Updated: May 4, 2019

A couple of situations have triggered me in the past year in a big way, and that has forced me to reflect, like deep dark pool of personal philosophical history type reflection. I pretty much jump at any opportunity to Miyagi myself. So when plans don't go as planned, I look at why, and where the silver lining is, and how I can use that to better myself and my situation. Rather than having a few weeks in Europe, I took two months off work (unpaid) to work on myself (and apparently to work over my credit cards 😕😬🤑) I've been keeping a gratitude journal, talking to a therapist, reading, meditating, sunbaking (same thing), reflecting, planning artwork, solidifying career goals and just generally being really, really kind to myself. Supposed to be in Greece. Settled for the Sunshine Coast. Not complaining, it's actually quite delightful.

I've been going in a direction that was neither bad nor good

...and right now I'm in a pause/transition. When this pause is over, it's very clear to me that I will be traveling in a very different direction. One that is inspired and empowered. Over the past year, some of the things that I've needed to change have taken time to sink in, and other realisations simply occured instantly like waking up in the morning and just knowing that something needs to drastically change or a cycle needs to end. It's incredibly freeing to go from blindly not knowing what I'm feeling or how to get to where I want to be, emotionally and career wise, to knowing exactly what to do and where to place my energy and focus. Knowing what and who is good for me and what's not good for me and making changes accordingly will ultimately help me build the life that I envision for myself. So I'll aim to go to Greece next year or maybe the year after, it's on my list and I'm not fussed about the timeline. My main goal in life has always been happiness. People often believe that happiness will come when goals are reached or things are attained. That's not correct. In a state where happiness comes first, goals are reached more easily and the things we desire come to us. Working out what makes you happy is the tricky part. The rest takes care of itself! 💖

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