Happy New You!

To those who are becoming and working on themselves... Happy New You! When I was young I knew who I wanted to be. I wanted to be magic. A Universal force. A creator. A powerful woman who inspires and uplifts others. But I got caught up in the confusing imagery of the world and what I was told I should be. A girl next door. Polite and normal. Easy to understand. Quieter. Less bossy. Conformist. Because if I wasn't, I wouldn't be accepted. I'd be an outcast. A weirdo. An unacceptable woman. But I've seen enough of this world to know what's best for me, and I won't bite my tongue. But I might bite you, because I am loud and adventurous. I am an authority and intelligent. I am powerful and compassionate. I am sexual and wild and honest. And I am also gentle and patient, and free flowing and forgiving. I find balance in allowing myself to transform into whatever it is that I need to be to feel like I am soaring. For some of us, self acceptance is tricky. Whether we are struggling with our body, or our social or professional persona, or our belief in ourselves. It can be hard to face and it can take a long time to work through. But I assure you, the self work is worth it. Even if it takes you longer than others to reach your goals. Even if you need to make a few mistakes and experience heartache and shattered dreams along the way. Becoming who you're meant to be is a powerful and rewarding experience. Don't give up on you! XOA 💖

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