About the film...

"Apparition is a short film that came about while I was in the throes of trying to finally unravel my tangled grief after losing loved ones. It’s a fictional story of two sisters with a complicated relationship; where the past and the present entwine, and they try to make sense of guilt and grief and loss. 

There’s a popular concept held by those who believe in ghosts, that if you feel your house is haunted, you’re supposed to acknowledge the ghost and thank it for making itself known to you, and then you can ask it to move on, or you can ask for help, as though the ghost has come to assist you with your own grief and trauma in some way. I feel that this philosophy works beautifully for grief. Once acknowledged, and appreciated, grief can help you, and you can move on and allow it to transform into something beautiful and helpful that you can carry with you and use to better your life. 
I acknowledged my grief and I asked it to help me, and shortly after, I wrote this film."  - Alicia Pavlis

With a cast and crew of 5 people, Apparition is the epitome of an indie production where every member of the cast and crew shared the work and took on multiple roles to see the project come to life. The shoot took 2 days in country Victoria, filming between thunder storms and endless rain. The hard work and dedication of everyone involved was undeniable and will hopefully be clear in the quality of the end result. 

Apparition is currently in post production and will be entered into various international film festivals throughout 2021and 2022. . 

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About the cast and crew...

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Guilt is the ghost of regret, it haunts like an apparition, awaiting the feast of grief. 

Unexplained occurrences take place at an eerie farmhouse, as two grieving sisters with a complicated relationship find themselves entangled between the past and the present, while trying to make sense of guilt, grief and loss.

Behind the scenes...

Alicia Pavlis & DP Leo Evershed

Alicia Pavlis & Phoebe Wilson-Lee

Apparition BTS 10 Low Res

Vivienne Perry on set

1st AD Caroline Grunewald on set

Apparition BTS 11

Apparition BTS 12 Leo LOW RES

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 10.52.00 pm

Alicia Pavlis & DP Leo Evershed

Alicia Pavlis & Phoebe Wilson-Lee

DP Leo Evershed & Phoebe Wilson-Lee

Alicia Pavlis & DP Leo Evershed

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