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Some people have an energy that extends beyond their physical body when they tell a story. They excitedly throw their arms in the air as if they’re conducting an orchestra of fantasia paintbrushes on canvas. Narrating with emphatically emphasised vocal expressions, and a whimsical yet focused gaze into the distance that makes you feel as though the wild expedition they experienced while getting their morning coffee, might actually be something from a movie scene, rather than their ordinary daily routine.  Alicia Pavlis is one of those people.

Like a manifest laser beam, Alicia is the kind of person who seeks out the magic in otherwise unexceptional experiences. Finding big stories in tiny moments, and viewing the world as the stage on which to express them. With a background in acting and writing, Alicia is influenced by science fiction, fantasy, paranormal phenomena and the human experience. Alicia’s ever-growing passion to tell stories can only be measured by the rate at which the universe itself is expanding.