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Alicia Pavlis Website Header March 2021
Alicia Pavlis Actor Stage Screen Website

"I walked into my first TVC audition when I was 17 with no expectation and no idea what I was doing. I was cast on the spot in a 5 year campaign. At 19 I wrote and directed my first stage production to a sell out audience. I've trained as an actor and filmmaker in Australia and Los Angeles, and worked on countless TVCs and several acclaimed film projects. In 2015 I launched my photography business Reel Photographs, which has become a respected presence in the film industry. I've performed my original music in Australia, America and England, while also writing jingles for film & TV, and I won Best Indie Short in 2022 for my film Apparition.

When I was younger, people kept telling me to focus on just 1 thing, but I'm glad I never listened to them."  
- Alicia Pavlis

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Alicia established Reel Photographs in 2015 and has since photographed some of the most promising up-and-coming talent in Australia. For more info visit 

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